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Anyone who considers arithmetical methods of producing random digits is, of course, in a state of sin.

J. v. Neumann

The unzufall plugin provides a high level interface to generating pseudo-random data for MDAL modules.

Graphical Interface

To generate data with unzufall, you must have an active selection in the current module view. Data can be generated for trigger, note, key, and numeric block fields.

Data PRNG: The pseudo-random number generator used to generate data. Refer to the documentation of the prng plugin for a detailed description of the available generators.

Data Variance: The range of permitted output values, as a fraction of the total range of values that the field is allowed to assume. Must be a value between 0 and 1. Has no effect on trigger and non-note key fields.

Data Mean: The mid point of the variance range. For example, if a field can take the values 0 - 100, then setting both Data Variance and Data Mean to 0.5 will yield values between 25 and 75.

Position PRNG: The pseudo-random number generator used to randomize distances between data values.

Position Density: Specifies how many values to generate on average. A value of 0.5 will yield a new data value every 2 rows on average. A higher value means more values. Use a value of 1.0 to generate new data values on every row.

Position 1-bit Mode: When enabled, positions are derived from a bitstream. This is useful when using a LFSR-based Position PRNG with a short period, such as sid-noise or tia-noise. Position Density is ignored in 1-bit mode.

Position Sync: Randomize positions only once, and use the same positions for all selected columns.

Paste Mode: Specify how the generated values will be pasted into the selection. Replace performs a regular paste, Porous/under will only be paste at empty rows in the current data, and Porous/over will retain the current data at empty rows in the new data.

The graphical plugin interface is available in the Generate menu.

Keybinding Actions

unzufall: Opens the graphical interface.


The name "Unzufall" is a mash-up of the German words "Unfall" and "Zufall", meaning "accident" and "randomness, coincidence", respectively.