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Run code after startup

(after-startup-hooks 'add 'my-hook (lambda () (print "hello bintracker"))

Further reading: make-hooks

Define and start emulator

(define my-emulator (make-emulator 'a2600))
(my-emulator 'start)

Further reading: bt-emulation

Evaluate expression and paste result to current module

(edit (current 'blockview) 'current 'set (iota 4))

This evaluates the expression (iota 4) (which returns the list (0 1 2 3)) and pastes it into the current selection (if any) or at cursor position of the current blockview (patterns/fx tables/etc).

Further reading: ui-basic-block-view

Get a specific node or node instance from the current module

The node tree of the current module might look like this:

(GLOBAL (0 #f
           (SOME-GROUP (0 #f (SOME-FIELD (0 #f . SOME-VALUE)))
                       (1 #f (SOME-FIELD (0 #f . SOME-OTHER-VALUE))))
           (SOME-OTHER-GROUP ...)))

We want to retrieve SOME-OTHER-VALUE. The easiest approach is to construct a node-path. The node-path procedure takes a string that consists of alternating instance and node IDs, separated by slashes. It returns a procedure that takes a module node as input. We apply this procedure to the global node of our current module.

((node-path "0/SOME-GROUP/1/SOME-FIELD/0") (mdmod-global-node (current 'mmod)))

Note that the requested node or node instance must be a group, group field, or block node. You cannot (yet) apply node-path to block fields. block-field-ref is your friend in this case. In other cases were you already have the parent element, you can use subnode-ref to get the subnode of a group instance, or inode-instance-ref to get a specific node instance. Note that node instances always exist, unless specified otherwise in the engine definition. This means that calls to inode-instance-ref will normally not fail, returning a fresh inode instance if the requested instance does not exist.

Further reading: node-pathnode accessorsMMOD internal structure

Get the command configuration of an MDAL field node

(config-get-inode-source-command 'foo (current 'mdef))

Returns the source command of the field foo in the current MDAL engine definition.

config-get-inode-source-command is due to be renamed to mdef-get-ifield-source-command.

Further reading: MDEF accessorsmd-command

Get the contents of a selection

Retrieve the contents of the current selection:

(ui-selected-contents (current 'blockview))

The contents are returned as a list of lists, where each sublist represents a field node, and the contents of the sublist represent the row values of that node.

Get the contents of a specific area:

(ui-selected-contents (current 'blockview) '(0 FOO 4 BAR))

This returns the values of the fields FOO to and including BAR, from row 0 to and including 4.

Further reading: ui-basic-block-view