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To activate plugins in Bintracker, you need to register them in your config.scm with the command:

(plugins 'register "plugin1 plugin2 ...")

Some plugins provide functionality that can be bound to keyboard shortcuts. Register bindings in your config.scm with the command

(bind-keys! 'plugins 'KEY-EVENT 'ACTION)

where KEY-EVENT is an Tk event specifier (eg. '<Alt-Key-X>) and ACTION is the name of a keybinding action listed in the plugin documentation. It is recommended to bind plugin actions to Alt-Key-some-uppercase-letter, as bindings involving Alt-Shift are not used in Bintracker's default bindings.

Shortcuts must be registered before the plugin itself!

You can also install 3rd party plugins by dropping them in the plugins directory. Note that installing 3rd party plugins is a security risk: Make sure you trust the source, and understand what the plugin does, before installing. We do not provide support for 3rd party plugins.

Looking to develop your own plugins? This guide to writing plugins explains how to do it.

Official Plugins

Bintracker currently ships with the following plugins:

  • mml: Simple MML reader.
  • prng: Various pseudo-random number generators.
  • unzufall: Generate (pseudo-)random data for MDAL modules.