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Additional Bindings

Bindings from the following Chicken Scheme modules and eggs (libraries) are available in Bintracker's top-level namespace in addition to the standard R5RS Scheme bindings, the Bintracker API, libmdal, and Schemta:

Chicken Modules



  • bitstring - binary data manipulation and pattern matching
  • comparse - PEG parser combinators
  • coops - object system
  • list-utils - additional convenience utilities for list manipulation
  • pstk - interaction with Tcl/Tk.
  • s11n - serialization
  • simple-md5 - MD5 hashing
  • sqlite3 - run statements on SQLite databases

For code running in the repl, the above bindings are automatically available. For plugin code, import the bintracker-core module to make bindings available.


If you need any other bindings, and can make a compelling argument for why Bintracker should make them available, feel free to open a request on the issue tracker.

The following will not be considered for inclusion in Bintracker:

  • libraries with limited platform support (eg. Linux-only libraries)
  • anything not licensed under MIT, BSD, Apache, LGPL, PD/Unlicense/WTFPL, or similar terms
  • libraries not available through Chicken Scheme's extension registry