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About Bintracker

Bintracker is a modern programmable Chiptune music editor. It is currently in development, with a beta release coming soon. The source code and Windows builds are already available for anyone adventurous enough to try out Bintracker in its current alpha stage.



Bintracker supports any music engine on any plaform through the versatile MDAL abstraction layer, so you can compose for SID, AY, FM, Beeper... all with one tool. By using MAME as emulation backend, a vast array of 8- and 16-bit platforms are covered.


While vanilla Bintracker sports a minimalistic look-and-feel, you can be greatly extended its power through plug-ins. Think piano roll, parameter automation, online collaboration, algorithmic composition...


Through Bintracker's extensive configuration system, you can customize just about any aspect of the tool, including colors, fonts, widget themes, keybindings, number format, and more.


Bintracker is written in Scheme, using the CHICKEN Scheme implementation. The full power of Scheme is available at run-time, which means you can program Bintracker... in Bintracker.

Open Source

Bintracker is released under the permissive MIT License.


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There will be a crowdfunding campaign once the beta release is done. If you already want to chip in to fund development in the meantime, you can donate via Paypal by clicking the button below.

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